I’m Farhan Srambiyan

A Google and Microsoft certified digital marketing strategist and professional SEO expert in Kerala. I transitioned from a background in automobile engineering to pursue my passion in IT. My journey began as a graphic designer, and after two years, I discovered my deep interest in marketing. Now, I help brands and businesses leverage their unique capabilities on digital platforms, delivering lucrative financial results to many companies and startups.

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My Career Journey

Journey started
as a designer

Welcome to my creative journey, where it all began with a passion for design. While my background in automobile engineering laid the foundation, my heart was always set on exploring the dynamic world of design and marketing. This is the story of my transformation from an engineering enthusiast to a creative professional.

As an automobile engineer, I was well-versed in the mechanics of machines, but I yearned for a field that allowed me to express my creativity. This desire led me to take a leap of faith and dive into the realm of graphic design.

For two exciting years, I immersed myself in the world of graphic design, where every project was a canvas waiting to be transformed into a visual masterpiece. These years taught me the importance of aesthetics, communication, and user experience.

During my journey as a graphic designer, I stumbled upon the fascinating world of marketing. It was here that I found my true calling. The fusion of creativity and strategy in digital marketing resonated with me like nothing else. I decided to pivot my career once more and delve into the intricacies of SEO and digital marketing.

Today, armed with a diverse skill set that spans design and marketing, I help businesses harness the power of the digital landscape. My unique journey has equipped me with the ability to combine aesthetics with data-driven strategies, resulting in effective and visually captivating marketing campaigns.

Farhan Srambiyan - SEO Expert in Kerala

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